Friday, December 24, 2010

Family Pictures

These pictures were taken this last summer but I haven't put them up yet. Jason's family wanted some pictures before Curtis left on his mission.

The Family

The Girls

The Boys

Me and Jason

Our Little Bun in the Oven...

We just found out I am pregnant a few weeks ago. It happened a little faster than we were anticipating so I cried when I first found out. Jason was very excited and so was I after we told a few people who were very excited for us as well. Jason brought me some beautiful flowers at work and gave me a cute note with them. I had my first doctors appointment on Wed. and it was pretty cool. :) They did the lovely vaginal ultrasound because it is too early to see from my belly. The baby is about .74 cm... pretty big I know! Even though it is so small, I already feel like I am getting bigger... Great! I am only about 7 weeks so I have quit awhile to go. Jason had a big smile on his face when the doctor showed us where the baby was in the picture. I have started feeling sick in the mornings and if I don't eat for awhile, I get nauscious and I have to gag my food down so that it doesn't get worse. At work if I bend over to help a resident with something, I black out when I stand up and have to hold onto something to avoid falling over. I haven't actually thrown up yet but the other morning I started dry heaving just when I was walking out the door. I ran to the bathroom and did it a few more times as I thought, how am I going to drive to work like this and if I don't leave now, I am going to be late. I burped a few times and then I was fine. LOL Great fun! I'm nervous to be a mom but it will be well worth the adventure, I'm sure! Jason will be an amazing daddy and I am grateful that he will be by my side all through this.

Mika's New Kennel

Mika got a new big dog kennel. It was the biggest one they had because it was expensive and we figured why get the size in between when we would just have to get this one later... :) I can fit in it with her... Jason locked me in there.

Mika, The Great Dane!

I wanted to write a little bit more about our dog, Mika. She was born on May 16, 2010. She is now about 7 months old and weighs about 75-80 lbs. She is an awesome dog and is so lovey and great with other dogs and kids. We love her! She is always waiting by the door when one of us gets home and she loves to cuddle on the couch. She was not allowed on the couch but we gave in because she would try to get on everyday. She puts her head on you, then her front paws and then she slowly creeps up with the rest of her body and before you know it, she is completely on the couch with her paws across you and her head on your shoulder. She loves to get in the garbages and take out dryer sheets and tissues and rip them up in tiny pieces all over the carpet. Naughty dog! She has recently started licking the water out of the shower even when you are in it... until I pulled her in last week and gave her a shower with me. :) She is scared to come near the shower when I am in it now. She can be roudy at times because she is still a puppy and she runs up and down the halls which scares me that she is going to make a hole in the wall or knock something over. She is the best dog and we love her personality.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Updating Since Last Post...

So it's probably about time that I posted another blog. Just in case some of you didn't know, Jason and I got sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on June 18th. :) Very exciting I know! It was a great experience and is an amazing and comforting feeling to know we are together forever.

We also have a puppy who is now 4 months and about a week old. Her name is Mika. She is a great dane so she weighs about 42 lbs. as of right now. :) She is so much fun and she's still in the clumsy stage and I think it's worse with her because she is so big. She loves to cuddle and gets jealous of me when I cuddle with Jason. She has to get her nose inbetween us and work her way in. It's pretty funny!
Jason and I are both going to school right now. I'm working on getting into the nursing program and Jason is doing business... boring!! I am applying for the nursing program in the spring and I don't exactly know what I will do if I don't get in soon because I will have my associates by the end of this semester and all my prerequisites will be completed by next semester...? Jason wants a baby but I think that will have to wait a little longer. :) We'll see. I got a 92 on my first nutrition exam last week, by the way! I was pretty proud!
We bought a town house by Orion Jr. High, just right down the road from my parents. I like living close to them. It's not right across the street or anything. We love our little house and I want to have a party sometime. :) It's not completely decorated but that takes time, I guess.
I think that is all the big updates since I posted last year... I hope. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a reminder~

Just in case you forgot, tomorrow is Aug. 22 and that is the day Jason asked me to marry him one year ago! :) He doesn't think it's a very big deal like I do though. He did write me a note and said something about it, probably just so I would think he remembers important dates. ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sage and Jason make a blog :)

My good friend, Shannon helped me make this blog page so I owe it all to her. :) I just hope there will be something interesting for me to write about soon. Jason and I will be starting school in a couple of weeks and we will have no life after that. Working full time and going to school full time will keep us both busy. I am working on getting into the nursing program and Jason is going to get a business degree of some sort so he can do contracting up at Hill. He likes it there because he likes to make all the morons he works with, mad. He has some funny stories. I'm working at Apple Village Assisted Living and I love it. The residents are hilarious! Anyway, I have no pictures yet because my camera was dropped in the water at Bear Lake by Jason's elbow hitting my hand... I still love you babe! :) Oh, and yesterday was our 6 month anniversary!!! :D